Scientists/Students wanted! (Masters Level or Above)

We're looking for two researchers/assistants/students on a fellowship* basis on both the wet and dry sides of the lab. 


On the wetlab end of the lab, we're looking for someone to help us to extend current ATAC-Seq and RNA-Seq protocols (single-cell and bulk) to work on a range of unusual marine organisms whose cells don't hold up well in standard buffer conditions. 


In the dry (computational) lab, we have two projects:

1) Characterising the onset of zygotic transcription in early sea urchin embryos using allele-specific RNA-Seq

2) Quantifying natural selection in coding and non-coding DNA associated with adaptation to deep water habitats in North American sea urchin species. 

Both projects require familiarity with command-line tools and some knowledge of R or Python (ideally both). 


For both the wet and dry, the projects can stand by themselves or be developed into Masters and (potentially) PhD projects. 

For more information, please contact us



*Yes, this means we pay you.

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