Closed for business


For the time being, this lab effort is closed. But please check back in  the future to see what happens next.... 


Fiona gets her DAAD!

We are please as punch that Fiona Puntieri has successfully applied for a DAAD fellowship and will be joining us this Fall from Argentina. Go, Fiona!

She also has a (relatively recent) paper out. Well done. 



Open positions: Computational Post-Doc and PhD



Alas, our rock-star computational biologist has heard the siren-song of industry (the inevitable risk of doing cutting-edge work!). But it was a great to have Amin here, and we wish him all the best! It also means that we have an open position for a computational biologist/post-doc to start ASAP. The requirements are a PhD, curiosity about development/evolution, and previous experience in computational biology/genomics. Please spread the word!

(and see our ad)


We also have an open spot for a computational/evolutionary biologist to look at the population genetics of gene regulatory elements. If you're interested, please send your CV and a cover letter to dagarfield <at>


Graduate School Application Process Open!

This Fall, we will enroll the first cohort of students in a graduate training program entitled 'Dissecting and Reengineering the Regulatory Genome'. Yay! The program is joint with Duke University and provides a chance to study with a range of faculty members both in Berlin and North Carolina. We'll be hiring at least one student for the urchin end of the lab. Applications are due September 15th.  


Updates! The candidates have started, and the first round is up and running. 


ERC Starting Grant Funded

Happy to report we are now ERC funded to push sea urchin developmental genomics/evolution in some new and exciting directions. Stay tuned for more details!


New graduate school funded!

Our proposed graduate school with Duke University has been funded! Stay tuned for application information to join the next crop of graduate students.


Workshop today!


We're excited to be hosting today our colleagues from NUS and around Europe for our workshop on Timing and Patterning in Evolution and Development. If you're in Mitte, please stop by!


We want you!


To do a masters or bachelors project. We currently have open positions for projects involving fruit fly speciation and larval development in the sea urchin (plus a paid position for a fly helper). If you're interested, send us an email!


Welcome, Jonas!

Starting in November, we'll be joined by Jonas Brandenburg who will be heading up Team Urchin. 

He joins us from Jessica Head's lab at McGill where he worked on environmental influences on gene expression and gene regulation. We think he'll fit in just fine here. :)

New Paper Posted!

Our paper using single-cell ATAC-Seq to analyse open chromatin during Drosophila development is now posted. Take a look!

Beyond Broad and Narrow Promoters

Gene expression is a complicated trait -- it encompasses far more than just expression level. In a recent collaboration out of the Furlong lab, we take a look at genetic variation influencing not only expression level, but also transcriptional start site and, interestingly, transcriptional noise. 



Sea Urchins in Changing Seas

Our paper on genetic and environmental contributions to gene expression variation in an increasingly acidic ocean is now online!


You can find more of this sort of work at the website for Dan's lab at UC Davis


New eQTL paper: The genetic bases of gene expression variation during embryogenesis.

Congrats to Enrico, Nils, and Dermot on the publication of their analysis of genetic variants influencing developmental gene expression profiles! 



We are open for business!

We are now officially open for business!

The lab is full of boxes, and the door still says "Ecology", but we're here! Come by and see us in Haus 18. 


Coming this Fall!

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