We are currently recruiting two ERC-funded post-doctoral researchers! Click the links below for more information. 

1) Computational Biologist

2) Developmental Biologist 

Both project revolve around the use of single-cell genomics technologies for understanding cell-fate specification and gene regulatory network evolution in the sea urchin. Applicants interested in developing their own research projects in this area are also welcome to apply. For more information, please contact the PI (dagarfield <at> garfieldlab.org).

I'm always happy to hear from post-doctoral candidates interested in specific lab projects or the development of their own research program. Post-doctoral researchers can be supported in my lab through a number of mechanisms, including several Berlin-specific funding opportunities. If you are interested, please contact me individually to discuss details.  Funded positions listed towards the top of the page. 


Students interested in pursuing a PhD or research at the Master's/Bachelor's level should contact me to discuss projects and potential funding mechanisms. You can also find more information at the IRI Life Sciences website. Paid 'HiWi' positions are also available, but are given preferentially to students doing research towards a masters or bachelors thesis.