Who we are

David Garfield (PI)

Work in my group grows from two core ideas:

     1) Differences between species begin first as variation within species.

     2) Understanding the evolution of development goes hand-in-hand with research into developmental mechanisms. 

My job here is to help researchers build projects around these two themes while not getting too much in the way of the people actually doing most of the work. 

Alexandra Trinks (Super Tech/Lab Manager)

Alexandra joined us from the Hofreiter lab in Potsdam where she worked on sequencing methods for ancient DNA and turns her skills now to developing single-cell methods for weird sea creatures and generally making sure the lab stays up and running.

Anja Ölschläger (PhD Student)

Anja holds down the fly end of the lab, using Drosophila  as a model system for understanding the impact of new mutations on developmental gene expression and how gene expression divergence accumulates between closely related species. 

Jonas Brandenburg (PhD Student)

The captain of team urchin, Jonas works to understand how mutations accumulate between species within developmental regulatory gene networks as well as how leading efforts to understand early cell-fate specification in echinoderms. 


If you're interested in joining the lab for doctoral or post-doctoral research, please contact me directly to discuss potential funding mechanisms. Bachelors and Masters students are also welcome to apply!